MORE ON History

Here are links and references to other historical material on this site and elsewhere.

  • Many of the items in the 'Articles' section of WEIGHTS AND SCALES contain historical information, often with references to sources. 
  • In the following sections of this page there are links to blogs on the history of mathematical activity at the London School of Economics. . 


Mathematics at the LSE: 1895-1987

The London School of Economics (LSE)  opened in 1895, but Mathematics was not one of the subjects originally taught there. This blog tells how the LSE slowly became aware that Mathematics plays an important part in the Social Sciences. 

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Mathematics at the LSE: 1988-1998

in 1987 the LSE decided to maintain a small group of mathematicians who could teach their subject and carry out research.   This blog tells how the group became a separate Department and began to resemble mathematics departments in other UK universities. 

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Mathematics at the LSE 1998-2010

The last of my three blogs on this subject describes the  struggle to establish a firm foundation for the LSE's Department of Mathematics.

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