This is a collection of material that can loosely be described as biographical.
It incudes published articles and the slides from talks that have not previously been published. The subjects will include the following

  • John Reynolds (c1585-1665)
  • Thomas Kirkman (1806-1895)
  • Bill Tutte (1917-2002)
  • John Conway (1937-2020)



John Reynolds was a a mathematician  of a rather unusual kind.  He spent his life at the Royal Mint in London, working on complex arithmetical problems of the kind that later occupied Isaac Newton.  He was also involved in the design and construction of standard measures of length and caapcity.


Thomas Kirkman was the vicar of a small country parish in Lancashire.  He also wrote many articles on mathematics.


I was privileged to know Bill Tutte for over thirty years.  He is now famous for two reasons.  In the Second World War he made outstanding contributions to the codebreaking work of his country.  After the war he became the leading figure in the mathematical discipline of Graph Theory.  The first two  items here describe my personal memories of him.          The third one is a more formal biography, written in 2003,  soon after his death. 


This is my tribute to John Conway, who died on 11 April 2002.  The first item is a talk I gave in 2015, which has not been published.  The second item is a paper published in 1995, which describes how some of his early results on symmetry were obtained.